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I'm awkward and try to stay positive. I'm trying to get inspired to run again. This is a secondary blog. I can't follow back.

I'm Katelin!
the sun never says; even after all this time. The sun never says to the earth, 'You Owe Me.' Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky
I ran today

I ran today what I ran the other day. Down the road and back. Rest. Down the road at a faster pace, rest. Back at a fast pace and done.

I didn’t run yesterday. I woke up sort of sore and ended up being busy.

Despite the rain I ran today though!

I’ll work up to running more I just don’t want to discourage myself quite yet.

Went to the Park

I tried hanging out with my friend but it didn’t work out.

I saw my old Cross Country team. Well part of it. The part that hasn’t graduated yet, the guys (there was always mostly guys anyways though) but I really only knew the Coach and 3 others.

It kind of made me happy to say I had ran this morning (even if it was for 5 minutes) and it makes me more motivated to run. But I miss running in a group like that. We’d go on little running adventures and talk about crazy things and even if we slacked off some it isn’t as bad as not running at all.

Walking makes my knee hurt and we walked quite a bit today. I don’t know why walking hurts my knee more than running does though.

My sister wants to run but it may be just talk. We’ll see how it goes.

I ran today

I left at 11: 30 and was back by 11: 40. I ran down to the end of my road and back. Stretched. Ran to the end of my road at a fast pace. Rested. Ran back.

I feel better after doing so and I’ll probably add more time later because I probably only ran 5 minutes. I haven’t ran in a few months though and I can’t find my proper running shoes. I don’t want to wear myself out, scare myself or discourage myself from running. I’ll try to run more tomorrow though.

I’m planning on running tomorrow.

Maybe just saying this and posting this will encourage me to do so. If I had someone relying on me to do this it would be easier but I don’t. I guess I have to rely on myself when it comes to this.

I’ve decided I want to start running again

I love the feeling of running and I feel like if I make a blog about it it will help inspire me. I hate running by myself because there’s no one there to push me. I used to be able to run at least 6 miles but now I don’t run at all.

Starting sometime this week when I get home I’m going to try fixing my sleeping schedule and begin to run in the mornings.